• Civil litigation
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May obtained her Bachelor of Laws at the University of New South Wales and gained admission as a lawyer in 2019. Prior to joining Rydge Evans Lawyers in 2020, her primary fields of practice include International Human Rights Law and Immigration Law.  

May was born in Australia and was educated in both Hong Kong and Australia. Her international exposure has enabled her to speak fluent English, Cantonese and Mandarin.  

May在新南威爾士大學獲得法律學士學位,並於2019年獲得律師資格。在2020年加入Rydge Evans律師事務所前,她的主要業務領域包括國際人權法和移民法。 

May出生於澳大利亞,並在香港和澳洲接受教育。 她的國際視野使她能夠說流利的英語,廣東話和普通話。